My name is Nichole Wilde and I am The Lady Stoic. Often described as a Renaissance Woman, I am an artist and life-long entrepreneur. I spent 32 years of my life inflamed, miserable and fat. By focusing my attention on the definite chief aim of attaining a long health-span and changing a few key behaviors, I have lost over 130 pounds and am now a proud weight-lifting woman!

I am excited to offer my support to creative folks who are looking for a solid and strong coach and mentor. I can help you achieve your goals! I have experience with and have triumphed over grief, trauma, divorce, business changes, job loss, betrayal, AND Interstate moves. I really can help you live YOUR best life.

Professional Machine Quilting

I have been an award winning professional machine quilter for over 20 years. It is an honor to serve you by helping to complete your closet full of quilt tops into your lasting legacy. I specialize in artistic freehand all-over designs: machine quilting, elevated.

Call me to schedule at: (281) 254-5667

Quilting Lessons

Hundreds of happy and successful machine quilters have taken classes, lectures and workshops with me over the years. I am delighted to invite you to learn with me, too! I offer private lessons in my beautiful sewing/quilting workshop on the outskirts of Bessemer, Alabama.

Call me to schedule at: (281)254-5667