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Kernel Doesn’t Dig Mornings

Kernel Corn-Dog: Mascot

Kernel is NOT a morning dog. His litter-mate sister, Sugar, and I are both bright eyed and bushy tailed in the mornings but Kernel reminds me of a growing teenage boy that just CAN’T drag himself out of bed in the morning. It’s fascinating to me how unique and varied the world of Nature is. I strive to always deeply remember that Nature sings with a resonance of uniqueness, of divinity, even. It’s not always easy to remember who we really are as we navigate through a world of fictions. Pets (houseplants qualify in my world as pets and as we progress with Daily Nuggets, you’ll get to see a lot of those!) and nature help me stay grounded to truth. What helps you stay grounded to truth? ~ Ms. Wilde

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