In these trying times I can think of nothing more soothing or kind than to offer up the Taste of Joy to those I love. For the nurses who are battling illness on the front lines every single day, the EMTs and Paramedics who are sadly attending to more hopeless calls than ever, to the retired grandparents, safely squirreled away from their beloved families in the desire that everyone stays safe and well, to the grocery and convenience store workers that see more oddities in one day than we can likely imagine in a lifetime: the Taste of Joy in three flavors is on sale now through May 1, 2020.

We always offer 25% off of our generous 13-bag cases (13 bags for the price of 25% off of 12!) and in an effort to support Americans in this time of great distress for all of us we are now offering wholesale pricing on cases for entrepreneurs around America. Contact Nichole Wilde directly at NicholeWildeHeart@gmail.com for more information on our wholesale membership program.

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