My Dramatic Weight Loss!

I did a Facebook LIVE video explaining a little bit about my dramatic (over 100 pound) weight loss since I was last making quilting videos. If you have an interest in my story, the video is about 20 minutes long and taught me that I need to have notes nearby when I am doing videos so I can be sure to hit all the points effectively. My bottom line is this: We have the power within ourselves to determine exactly what the right lifestyle, diet and exercize is, FOR OURSELVES. I believe that you have the power within you and the ability to experiment. You also have the strength of will to resist the easy thing and keep striving for the end goal. What I’ve found to be enormously helpful:

  1. Don’t ever look at eating or drinking as a “reward.” For me, this opens the door to too much “treating myself,” and then a downward spiral away from my destination
  2. Reward yourself for every incremental step. I use the Success Wizard ap and when I check off a completed task it does this lovely “ding” notification that triggers the reward mechanism in my brain. I also audibly tell myself things like, “Great work, Nichole! I am so proud of you for sticking to this! You do hard things really well!”
  3. Make peace with your body. I feel like I’ve been in this Star Suit for 46 years and just now figured out how to do basic care and operations of it! It’s finally my friend!!
  4. Be your own cheerleader and find other people who support your growth and journey! You ARE strong. So mighty!!!

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