Professional Machine Quilting Service

Bessemer, Alabama

I’ve been an award winning professional machine quilter for over 20 years and I am still in love with doing this!

It is a great honor to be chosen to finish and be inspired by your hard and diligent work at creating something as epic as your quilt. I specialize in artistic freehand quilting, custom all-over designs that enhance both your quilt top’s beauty and its longevity. If it sounds too lofty, I apologize, but we are creating our legacies here, as quilters in 2021. I do not offer computerized designs. Every quilt that leaves my workshop is a unique and beautiful work of art and finished with the care and respect it deserves. I call it, “Machine Quilting: Elevated.”

I can see your beautiful finished quilt draped over that sofa that you made it for. It looks so beautiful! Your color choices were on-point, your piecing improving the more you practice and with the texture that I was honored to stitch in, making it into the luxurious quilt that it now is: what a showpiece! I am excited to work with you to finish that closet full of quilt tops that I know you have! Let’s get busy! Call me!

Quilting & Kettle Corn are my only jobs, so I schedule strictly. I like to have your quilt top in my workshop by the 1st of the month that it is scheduled to be completed and it will be returned to you by the end of the month that it is scheduled for. I do accept quilts from all over the United States and use UPS for return shipping. Call me today to schedule your quilt finishing: (281) 254-5667

If you are near Birmingham, Alabama, I would adore to have you out to the workshop for an in-person consultation on your projects. Let’s Connect! Call me!

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