Nichole The Wilde

I’m honored to have a long list of successful students. I look forward to helping you reach your next level of greatness as a quilter!

You want to take your own machine quilting to the next level.


One of the things that makes my own quilting “stand-out” is the sharpness and precision of both the designs and the general uniformity of my spacing. I can teach you how to freehand machine quilt “sharply.” No sloppiness, here! On a sewing machine or a longarm quilting machine. With a stitch regulator or without!


There are some key tricks and techniques to being creative with your quilting design choices, especially when executing a large all-over job. I can help you get over the ideas that are blocking your own creativity and help you to believe in your own abilities, which is a key skill to develop and continuously hone for any kind of creative success.


When you have mastered the sharpness and creativity you will find that there is no faster way to get a quilt quilted than a pretty freehand-all over with your longarm quilting machine. I’ve quilted against computerized machines and I can complete a quilt top at least 4 times faster than a computerized system can! Not only is it beautiful and customized, it’s done FAST!

I invite you to join me in my workshop for a private one-on-one lesson that will have you enthused and inspired and ready to quilt! Sewing machine quilting or longarm machine quilting.

Call me! (281) 254-5667

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