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Welcome Members of the Evening Star Quilt Guild! It is such an honor to return to speak with you again! I am very much looking forward to sharing my love for machine quilting and some key things I think you should know about it as you begin your practice.

Objective: By the end of our time together live, on-line (I’ll commentary selected video demonstration clips for you) you should have a good understanding of the necessary tools and supplies that you will need as well as an elementary understanding of basic machine quilting with your own home sewing machine and designs including: Stitch In The Ditch, Continuous Curve, stipple/ meander, four sash designs, free-hand leaves PLUS quilt marking and following a design, feathers & dealing with corners. My project is a set of four large placemats, 16″ x 24″

Machine Quilting Practice Supply List (supplies to make the placemats are in the pattern for you to download below): clean, working sewing machine that has feed dogs that can be dropped or covered, good lighting, comfortable table + chair, free-motion quilting or darning foot, walking foot, all-purpose sewing thread, 90/14 Jeans, 90/14 Topstitch, or 100/16 Universal needles, safety pins or basting spray, quilt sandwich for warm-ups, water soluble marking pen, school chalk, silicone spray or Supreme Slider, gloves or other quilt gripping device, scissors or snips, and a relaxed, playful attitude.

Links to my books and patterns at

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