Not everyone drives a Bentley, either. Stand apart with the BEST kept secret in the longarm machine quilting industry: YOUR A-1 Elite Longarm Professional Quilting System

A-1 Elite Longarm Quilting Machine

I can’t wait to see how your A-1 Longarm Quilting Machine looks in YOUR space! You are going to fall absolutely in love with the magic of the quilt dance with this little gem of a machine! Many top-award winning machine quilters choose the A-1 Longarm to create their fabulous quilts, but the vast majority of our owners are people JUST LIKE YOU! We want the best quality for the best price. We agonize over the properness of our large investment in quilting. Some are interested in doing small home-business ventures, quilting for their friends and other local quilters, while in 2021 many are just purchasing longarms for their own personal use. You’ve got 100 quilt tops stacked up. It is becoming a bit of an issue!

No matter what your personal situation or reason for purchasing a longarm is, I would be delighted to share my 20+ years of experience as a professional machine quilter and traveling longarm machine quilting instructor who has actual real-time experience across the entire spectrum of longarm quilting machine brands. Give me a call (281) 254-5667 to schedule your appointment to try out the Bentley of Quilting Machines in my workshop, or consider purchasing my 30 minute Zoom consultation for quilting machine shoppers. The magic of the internet!

Stands Apart. It IS the smoothest. It IS the quietest. Bar None. Professional Model: made in the USA. Computerized version is AFFORDABLE!

If you are in the Southeastern United States and are in the market for a PREMIER longarm quilting machine, please consider this an invitation to come to my workshop in Bessemer, Alabama and try my A-1 Elite Longarm on the Professional Table, the Bentley of Quilting Machines, for yourself! Call (281) 254-5667

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