Island Caramel Lonestar 6 oz


Approx. 8 cups of our delectable, super special top-secret Island Caramel Kettle Corn recipe. You have to taste this to understand why our fans walk around with a glassy stare and their hands clutching their resealable, reusable bags. Unbelievable and ON SALE through May 1, 2020!

We wish there was some way around the waste and expense of packaging food products and we wrestled many hours with finding the right solution to keep the Taste of Joy delightfully fresh while reducing waste as much as possible. We settled upon our super-strong resealable, washable and reusable poly-lined stand-up pouch. It will keep your Kettle Corn fresh and delicious up to four months when properly sealed.

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Best Texas Island Caramel Kettle Corn is a super special top-secret recipe that requires the perfect timing from the Pop Alchemist to produce the most delectable caramel corn that we can muster. Our Caramel corn is extra-special because we pop our organic popcorn kernels up through the caramel “gravy.” We challenge you to find a more scrumptious caramel Kettle Corn! Every order is made fresh, FOR YOU!

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